Ready for My Party

Luck sure is not on this sweetie's side today! Imagine that the poor little girl has been invited to her boyfriend's super birthday party, but now, from all evenings, her mom has told her to clean up her entire room. How's that for bad luck! Would you like to get the ready for my party skills game started and give her a helping hand?

There sure are lots of things to be done till she needs to sneak out of her house and head to her boyfriend's house for this super party that she's been invited to. You have all the “beauty tasks” she'll need to complete, secretly, of course, lest her mom should notice that she's taking too many pauses from her cleaning up duties. How about helping her apply some lipstick? Then, use your mouse to help her paint her nails getting them the perfect glam stylish party look! Keep in mind that you'll also need to help her iron her favorite blouse, do her hair and apply her favorite revitalizing mask before the party. How could you not instantly qualify this game as one of “the best skills games” that you've ever played online? Oh, yes, don't forget to help her nicely define her eyebrows and apply a stroke of mascara that will help her look so pretty for her boyfriend, the birthday boy. Each time you help her do one of those “forbidden activities”, you will be challenging your reaction times, too, for from one second to another you will have to stop clicking and hide what she's been doing from her mother's vigilant eyes!

This game definitely stands out from the crowd of the best skills games available online with its cute graphics and engaging gameplay, right?

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