Raspberry Cookie Bars

Besides being one of the prettiest smurfs from the whole smurfs community, lovely Smurfette is a super skillful pastry cook, too, you know! That's right, she would bake you all your dream desserts in no time, but today she'll focus upon a particular great cookie recipe: raspberry cookie bars. If you're looking forward to “stealing” some of her cooking tricks, simply step into her kitchen and start mixing ingredients. I'm talking here about butter, about brown sugar, lemon juice, vanilla extract etc etc. While you live this very first mix to rest, focus on the second one, which will be made of flour, baking soda and salt powder Click, pick, pour, mix till your cookie dough is ready to fill in the cake pan. Drop some yummy strawberry jam over it and then sprinkle the remaining mixture on top if it. If you're slightly addicted to free baking games, you will definitely find this baking class here so very helpful for learning how to prepare this amazing fruity treat!


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