Rapunzel Palace Pets

Not only is she so very lucky to have the most beautiful long blonde hair in fantasy world, but princess Rapunzel sure has one of the loveliest palace pets there, too: Bella! You won't find a more loving and caring pet wonder in the entire fairytale world, either, that's for sure! Now, even though she loves taking care of Bella by herself, thus spending quality time with the adorable baby deer, today Rapunzel's really desperate and is begging you to help her attend to her precious little pet. Bella's returned all covered in cuts and tiny injuries, in nasty looking bugs and mud stains after her playtime in the magic forest and her owner really hopes you could help her give Bella the first aid and get her cleaned up, too, definitely! So, are you willing to help? As a pet online games fan you'll no doubt find this one here one of the most adorable ones you've ever enjoyed! Then be quick to grab your tweezers and to remove all those ugly looking insects wandering all over the poor deer's body, remembering to disinfect all her nasty looking cuts, too, to grab a clean towel and to get her rid of all those mud stains, to get Bella's fur gently brushed and so on... As you shall see, there are two special bath time items which you can unlock as soon as you pass the given “spot the hidden object” and “match the identical cards” tests that you'll be challenged with. Enjoy!

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