Pony Makeover

Welcome to Ponyland, the dreamland where all the prettiest ponies live. Here, you'll get to meet cute Dash, by far one of the loveliest magic horsies you've ever seen! Well, he might be the loveliest one, but he sure is one of the naughtiest ones, too, for look at him right now: during a fun playing session with his friends, he's got himself awfully dirty. How about working your magic skills on sweet Dash and restoring his pony cuteness in no time? Start the major grooming session with a long, long bubble bath! Get him soaking wet, first of all, using that wet sponge put at your disposal, make sure to massage its skin with bath foam and then to rinse if off completely. Use the blow dryer to dry its skin, mane and tail and then finish off the pretty pony's makeover by upgrading its new look with a chic mane, with a new stylish design for his tail, as well, and with a new pair of gorgeous wings, as well! Isn't this like one of the loveliest pony makeover games that you've ever enjoyed? Adorn its body with some sparkly gems or maybe with a lovely butterfly-shaped tattoo and with an adorable head accessory, too: a candy-colored ribbon or maybe a magic unicorn or a sparkly golden tiara!



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