Rapunzel Makeover

This is a special evening for lovely Rapunzel, you know! It's today that she'll secretly escape her step mother's “prison” home and go out to meet her... prince. A special romantic event calls for a special makeover, so how about helping her look so glowingly gorgeous for her date playing the Rapunzel makeover game?

Oops, her imprisonment in that gloomy, drank house, for such a long period of time, has left some traces of Rapunzel's natural beauty. Not to worry, for you have all the perfect beauty tools to use in the Rapunzel makeover game. Wash up her face, this is the first must do beauty step, heal those ugly spots, apply the scrub that will bring her natural glow to the surface and don't forget to pamper her face skin with a highly hydrating special mask, too. A magic lotion is a must, as well as some wonder-doing cucumber slices on her tired eyes. Don't you just love fantasy makeover games like this one here, where you get to work your magic on such a pretty, charming little princess? Next, use your creativity and pick the most stunning updo for her, an exquisite head accessory, too, to match the beauty of her super long, gorgeous hair, a pretty corset bodice princess dress and voila: cute Rapunzel has become stunning, ravishing princess Rapunzel, ready to sweep er date off hisfeet.

Enjoy playing the Rapunzel makeover game and beautifying one of the most dashing princesses from the fantasy world!

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