Rapunzel Make-Up Artist

This is it, this is the night when dashing princess Rapunzel's going to steal the spotlight and, most of all, cute Flynn's attention at this grand royal ball that she'll go to (behind her evil step mom’s back, obviously)! She's already dressed herself up to impress (she's wearing her newly bought, gorgeous purple gown), she's styled up her so very beautiful, fairytale-like long, long hair, but for the skin prep and make-up part she definitely needs your help! So, hurry up to step into the shoes of princess Rapunzel's beautician and make-up artist, getting her the perfect natural beauty enhancing look! First of all focus on her so very neglected eyebrows, next make sure that you don't skip the so very important facial skin moisturizing part, then apply the eye cream, next the foundation, precisely in between the highlighted areas on her face, thus give her a radiant, flawless look... Go ahead and highlight her big beautiful eyes with the perfect eyeshadow color, too, and don't forget about mascara, blush and a gorgeously colored lipstick, either... By the time you've completed princess Rapunzel's make-up look you'll surely agree that this is one of those princess Rapunzel makeover games online overloaded with awesome skincare and make-up tips and tricks!

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