Rapunzel Flu Doctor

Oh, no! What started like a romantic boat trip on their favorite lake from the kingdom they live in, for princess Rapunzel and her boyfriend, Flynn, has quickly turned into a... rush to the hospital! Poor Rapunzel has fallen into the water and has caught a really nasty flu! Be the doctor who'll attend to her in the emergency room and administer her the right treatment asap! Start by taking hr body temperature, then check her heartbeat, as well, using that stethoscope that you have there, then continue playing one of the future most popular games for girls online by spraying some of that special nasal solution put at your disposal, into each one of her nose trills. Don't forget to administer her some cough syrup, as well, and to put an oxygen mask on her face, too, for the poor thing's still having major problems breathing, you know. With every step of her body exam and treatment administrating process that you'll manage to carry out, her boyfriend, Flynn, who'll be standing by her bed all this time, will be checking a check box on his on patient evaluation list! Enjoy!

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