Kids' Messy Rooms

Girls, meet cute little Timmy and his lovely twin sister Tina! They're both eager to warmly welcome you into their toy rooms, for their parents are about to return home and... well... their rooms are awfully messy, you know! The little twins are counting on you to lend them a helping hand for tiding them up, so hurry up to assist them during their two major room cleaning up marathons while playing the Timmy and Tina's Messy Rooms game!

The two cuties are ready to challenge you with 4 different tasks to complete: a bedroom tidy up one, a match (and therefore organize) the toy cards one, a spot the missing toys one and a bedroom decoration one! Since their parents should be knocking at their doors any minute now, and they won’t be happy at all to discover the mess reigning in the two twins' rooms, you had better hurry up and get sweet Tina's bedroom lovely decorated, mixing and matching chic pieces of furniture with girly cute decoration objects. You’ll no doubt rate this game as one of the catchiest educational games for kids that you've ever enjoyed! Next, test your skills as you organize (matching the cards two by two) Timmy's toys cards collection. Continue with the hidden toys' tracking down mission and then help little Timmy tidy up up his room, picking up all the laundry and toys scattered all over the place. Have fun being the two little brothers' helper!

This is but one of all the fun, brain-teasing educational games for kids available on our website, you know! Look for all the other ones, too, responding to the fun brain-training challenges that they'll surprise you with!



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