Rainbow Dash Cooking M&M Cake

Did you know that cute Rainbow Dash is a great pastry chef? He sure is the most talented one living in Ponyville and still, for this great dessert that he's planning to bake for his best pony friends, a delicious M&M cake, he'd gladly accept your help in the kitchen. So, have fun being chef Rainbow Dash's little assistant and start by impressing your pony friend with your quickness in spotting the ingredients on his list by scanning the shelves at the supermarket! Look for the cream, for the jelly dust, too, then for the white chocolate bar... Next, once in the pony's magic kitchen, go ahead and carry out your very first cooking task: mixing the cream and the jelly dust! Then, place the pot with the resulting mixture onto the stove and use the large spoon that you have there for stirring through and through. Awesome! Next you'll be having loads and loads of fun cutting out the cake, giving it a cute Rainbow Dash shape... Isn't this like one of the best free online cake cooking games that you've recently played? Then have decorating it with lots and lots of colorful sprinkles, as suggested to you in this fun cooking tutorial here! Have fun!

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