Puppy Teeth Dentist

It's time you put on your imaginary white doctor coat and stepped onto the shoes of a... puppy dentist! You already have three poor little furry patients waiting in line by your office's door, brought by their caring owners, you know! They each have a series of specific dental problems and they're also in great pain, the poor little pooches, so hurry up to attend to the first one of them! He's been suffering from toothaches for a while now, since he has some really nasty looking cavities, so, grab all those given dental instruments, one by one, and start filling them in, one by one. Next, put together a special toothpaste for your doggy patient and then go on and get his teeth brushed through and through. Remember to pull out the severely damaged, blackened teeth and to replace them with brand new ones (you pick the color) and then to style up the sweet pooch's perfected teeth with adorably chic tooth stickers, as well. Once you're done with your first patient, hurry up to attend to the second one, as well!


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