Princess Juliet Pony Love

Do you share pretty little princess Juliet's love for ponies? She simply adores her ponies (yes, she does own several horsies) and wouldn't miss even one single chance to pamper them from their manes to their hooves. She's heading to the stable right now, what would you say about helping her take care of one of her adorable ponies? Pick the one you like best and then be quick to make all his wishes come true! Make sure to feed princess Juliet's lovely pony, giving him precisely the type of veggies and fruits that he'd love to eat, then to groom him to perfection, too, to hydrate the little horse, as well, to change his already so very used hooves with brand new ones and so on. With every one of the pony’s wishes that you'll manage to fulfill, the bubbly tabs on top of your screen will turn green! So, aim at turning them all green if you want this pony to be 100% happy!

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