Pregnant Elsa Easter Egg

Easter's celebrated even in frozen Arendelle, did you know that? It is, and of all those loving there, its queen herself, dashing Elsa, who's an expectant mommy, too, has got into the Easter spirit for a while now! Today she's thinking of decorating a lovely chocolate Easter Egg that would make such a pretty Easter present for her young sister, Anna. Will you help her prepare the chocolate egg, first of all, then get it a colorful festive d├ęcor, as well? You'll see, this might just be one of the most creativity-stimulating Easter egg games that you've ever enjoyed! Step into the queen's kitchen and put together all those ingredients indicated to you on the screen, place your yummy chocolate eggs into the oven for a couple of seconds, then assemble the two halves of the egg, dip it in food dye, then have loads of fun mixing and matching eye-catching, lovely patterns with cute little beaded or gems-made Easter egg decorations and pretty, pretty ribbon, too, next remember to place pregnant Elsa's surprise Easter egg in a lovely chic basket, too!

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