Pou Takes a Shower

It's adorable Pou's bath time, since he's got pretty dirty during his fun outing, and the little one needs you to help him with the cleaning, the shampooing, the rinsing off and so on. Be his loving nanny and give the little one a warm bubble bath! Step into sweet Pou's bathroom and fill in his super tiny bathtub with lukewarm water, then pour some bubble bath, too. Next, be quick to get him all his adored little toys, the ones that he loves to play with during his bathing. Take them off the bathroom shelf, one by one, and drop them into Pou's little tub! From all the fun management games that you've recently had the chance to enjoy this one here is no doubt both one of the cutest and one of the most engaging ones, too, isn't it? Pour gentle shower gel and shampoo all over his fragile potato-shaped body, gently rub them into his skin and step by step you'll get the cute little one a so very fresh, sparkly clean look!


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