Pou's Makeover

Pou feels like giving his cuteness a boost these days and so he's come to your fancy beauty salon for a royal pamper! So, grab all your beauty tools, lotions, facial masks and serums and get ready to attend to your tiny customer! Gently apply the cleanser all over his little face, then rinse if off using that tiny head shower put at your disposal, and next continue with all the other revitalizing and richly moisturizing facial masks that you have there, applying them with the help of the tiny onscreen brush. With every skin beautifying step that you'll take you'll be witnessing sweet Pou slowly turning into... “fabulous Pou”. As a Pou games for girls addict, you'll no doubt agree that this is one of the most adorable Pou games for girls that you've ever enjoyed! Don't forget to apply that special treatment on each one of his nasty looking pimples, too, and to use that special eye mask on him, as well, helping him get rid of the puffy eyes and “tired eyes” look in just a couple of seconds!

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