Potherbs Farm

Girls, meet granny Pammy! The kind-hearted old lady's the owner of a large potherbs farm, she's been growing green leafy veggies her entire life, but since she's way too aged now for keeping up with all the hard work to be done around the farm, she'd very much appreciate a helping hand from you! So, will you help this granny grow her potherbs and gain her living by selling them at the market, as well? First, you'll need to till the soil, helping old lady Pammy skilfully handle her little shovel, then plant the seeds (after you will have bought them, of course, and speaking of them, the very first type of seeds that you can buy are the kale leaves...), then to help them grow, watering them as frequently as indicated to you on your screen... It sure is one of the most challenging farm games online that you've recently enjoyed, isn't it! Keep up the good work, enjoying your role as granny Pammy's little helper at her farm, and in no time you'll get to the part where you can actually sell those potherbs and... gain some money for the good old lady, as well!

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