Sunny Terrace

When the weather is fine, people go out in the sun for a relaxing fun day. Experience the active busy day in this management game and have fun along with the customers. Lunch is being served at Sunny Terrace and Sunshine, the waitress has a busy day ahead of her. So help her welcome guests at her lovely terrace, place them at tables and get their order. Then go prepare the meals they requested and serve the dishes on a platter. Customers will ask for pasta, soup or even a nice steak, so make sure you select exactly what they requested from the cooking space. For drinks, water, coffee or tea are available in the menu. Happy customers will leave money behind, so yo can even make a profit. Make sure you don't confuse the orders or else you will have to throw out the plates and cook again the dish requested. After people leave your terrace, make sure you wipe-clean the tables and take the dishes to the washing place. If you manage to do a good job serving tables, you will be promoted and will get more tables to serve at. Sunshine will be very pleased with your work and management skills and you will master the art of serving delicious meals on this Sunny Terrace.

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