Polly Pocket Tooth Problems

Isn't it such a pity? Cute Polly Pocket has stopped smiling for a couple of days for... well... she might be super pretty, but her teeth don't look so great! She must see a dentist, but she's so scared of dentist! How about you playing the role of her efficient doctor, the one who'll get her extremely damaged teeth' look from terrible to... fabulous? Help her get rid of all those nasty looking cavities which are causing her such terrible toothaches, off all the ugly looking calculus, of all those dark black teeth and so on, controlling those onscreen dental tools put at your disposal like a real-life dentist would. If you're a tooth problems games “expert” already you will no doubt find this game here, in particular, so very addictive! Don't forget to replace the severally damaged ones with brand new teeth that will help her enhance her natural cuteness with some big charming smiles each time she feels like smiling!


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