Anyone who is a delicious burgers fan must have tasted, at least once, some of the yummy burgers they sever in this resto! They cook like the yummiest hamburgers on the planet and where do you add that the customer services are great thanks to you, the burger master who cooks the most delicious burgers in no time playing the mchamburg management game!

Are you ready for the avalanche of orders? The burger resto has just opened and clients have already flooded in. Quick, see what the first orders look like, taking a look at the border showing up there on top of the screen, then carefully pick the burger slices, the right veggies, the right type of meat and ketchup or mayonnaise to cook your customers' dream burger,s then don't forget about the refreshments, making sure to fill in the juice glasses with the right kind of juice flavors. The waiters keep on coming into your kitchen, the orders keep on showing up on top of the screen, fresh ingredients need to be selected and put together into some mouth watering burger,s in one word it's a real frenzy in this highly popular burger place! Stay focused while playing the mchamburg management game, don't let your customer down and use your cooking talent to prepare them their favorite burgers in the blink of an eye making McHamburg the restaurant where one can spoil his taste buds with the most delicious burgers in town.

Play the McHamburg management game and win your title of the best burger cook in town!

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