Pinkie Pie Nail Spa

She might be so pretty, she might have some adorable girly sparkly, fairytale-inspired outfits and accessories to enhance her pony cuteness with but, even so Pinkie Pie could certainly not boast with some perfectly polished nails, too. They look awful right now and she's desperately looking for a skillful and nonetheless creative nail artist to style them up. So, if you accept the role of her personal nail technician, be quick to apply that soothing, deep-moisturizing lotion that her hands and nails need so badly! Next, use that nail clipper like a professional nail artist for cutting them a little shorter and getting them a new pulled-together look, remember to buffer them, as well, to get them all shiny and polished and to get them soaked in a bowl of lukewarm water upgraded with all kinds of skin softening essential oils, too. Once the hands and nail pampering session is completed, go on and add the fabulocity factor to her nails, mixing and matching gorgeously colored or superbly patterned nail polishes, exquisite nail stickers and all kinds of bling, bling, eye-catching hand jewelry, too! How could you possibly deny that this is one of those few nail spa games online which make such great nail art tutorials, right?



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