Christmas Tree

How you can make sure Santa will leave you many, many lovely wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve? Easy, if you can impress him with the most beautiful, lovely decorated Christmas tree, then you can be sure he will leave the coolest toys and most delicious sweets under your Christmas tree. Don't waist any more time, start playing the Christmas tree decoration game practice, practice, practice, put your decoration skills to work and sharpen them till the big moment comes to decorate your very one Christmas tree!

You can never have too many decorations on our Christmas tree, nor too many sweet looking, candy colored gifts under it, so get to work and choose the loveliest tree decoration from the ones you have here. Hmm, what do you think, is it better to decorate with shiny, bright red Christmas globes or maybe the multicolored ones are more likely to dazzle old Santa? Now, this is just the beginning, for the Christmas tree decoration game is full of cute sharply colored decorations. Select a lovely gingerbread man to add even more cuteness to it or maybe a nice reindeer shaped one.

Now, have you already sent your letter to Santa? I'm sure you already know what you want for Christmas, but have you thought how you want your Christmas gifts to look like? Now it's your chance to pick the loveliest, most shiny colorful gifts to be put under your tree and add some more loveliness to its festive look! Continue the Christmas tree decoration game with the selection of the prettiest wrapped gifts, then don't forget to choose the cutest star to complete your Christmas tree's sweet look with and place it on its very top. There's no doubt that Santa will be more than impressed by your nicely decorated Christmas tree and won't leave your house without placing his lovely gifts under it on Christmas Eve!

Have tones of fun playing the Christmas tree decoration game!

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