Clean Up Time

Ok, so I see you like playing practicing some dance moves in your room, or maybe a quick pillow fight? After all that fun, you realize your room is quite messy. Don't let the cleaning part spoil you're your fun time, cleaning can be fun, too. Just check out the clean up time game!

You will definitely love thiscleaning game ! How come I am so sure of that? Just imagine how great it would be if in real life, too, you get to lift the scattered objects in your room, all those clothes hanging on the sofa, on the chairs, with a simple click on the mouse. Super cool, isn't it? Pay attention, don't try any of your tricks to finish up sooner! You cannot just put the lamp on the bookshelf instead of the desk or your pants in a box instead of the closet. You will see that in this cleaning game you have to play it right, otherwise is simply refuses to lay the objects on the wrong pieces of furniture. Get it started, then, your mother will be home soon! Another cool thing about this cleaning game is that you can go through several levels. At the end of the last level you will have grown so responsible that I am sure your mother will be really surprised you have turned into such a hard working girl and she will praise you to all of her friends.

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