Peppa Pig Puzzle

How would you like to be the newest member of the lovely Peppa Pig family for a... couple of minutes! They're more than happy to welcome you into their cozy home and to allow you to join them on several of their favorite activities, too. Still, if you really want to win their trust, you need to prove your outstanding puzzle solving skills. You have 9 challenging puzzles to solve, each one of them featuring a certain episode of their daily life, such as a fun birthday party, a memorable family trip, a fun playtime session enjoyed by Peppa and George and so on. You get to start with whichever puzzle you prefer and strategically place those pieces, after you've rotated them, if you had to, using the spacebar, and re-assemble this puzzle which represents a photo take form their family album. As a highly picky fun puzzle games fan, you will certainly grow addicted to this one here, starring the lovely Peppa Pig family!


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