Kiss The Bride

He sure is one daring your man, isn't he, trying to steal a kiss from this lovely bride right on her big wedding day, with all those nosy guests wandering around! Wouldn't you like to be these two secrets lovers' confident and friend and use your perspicacity to protect their romantic moments out of the guests' sight? Play the kiss the bride fun girl game and make sure no one at the wedding spots these two secret lovebirds kissing around just before the major ceremony!

Which could be the perfect places for these two sweethearts here to kiss? It could be right in front of he church or maybe in the fancy limousine destined for the newly weds? There is no such thing as safe, secluded places for these two daring lovebirds, but with your vigilant eye watching over them, their love is kept secret! Playing the kiss the bride fun girl game, you'll get to use your intuition and perspicacity to sense the sudden appearance of the handsome groom, the mother in law or even the priest right when our two sweethearts are having their romantic moments. Make sure no such unexpected appearance interrupts their kissing session and give them a quick click each time there is a new poky intruder sneaking around. When the menace is gone, feel free to bring the two back together for another one of their romantic kissing sessions! Have fun playing the kiss the bride fun girl game and be these two secret love's ultimate protector!

There are so many precious minutes left till the wedding ceremony begins, so make sure you help the two lovebirds fruitfy each moment together stealing each other quick, sweet kisses throughout all the bride fun girl game's levels!

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