Niall Horan

You simply cannot declare yourself “Niall Horan's biggest fan” until you haven't passed the major test for joining his online fabulous: the Niall Horan quiz test! Put your knowledge regarding your favorite idol to a major test, playing one of those One Direction games for girls that any real girl fan should enjoy, responding to this set of questions here. Do you happen to know which his native country is? How about his two fish pets' names? Has he called them “Tom and Jerry” or maybe “Spongebob and Patrick” or “Zim and Gir”? A true fan should also know the correct answer to any question regarding his favorite type of animal and regarding that secret item which can be found on the bottom of his microphone. Is it a picture of someone very dear to him or maybe a symbol he treasures a lot? Focus so that you select only the right answers and at the end find out the result: whether you're Niall's biggest fan, his second greatest fan or if you should enrich your knowledge with some more precious pieces of information regarding him.

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