Naughty Girl at the Dentist

This cutie has been such a naughty, naughty girl! She's been eating sweets behind her mom's back, she's been skipping her before bedtime tooth brushing sessions and now she needs to see the dentist and, as you can guess, she's super scared of this visit. You would make the only dentist that she would not be so afraid of, so what would you say about getting each one of her really damaged teeth fixed in no time? Learn to handle all those dental tools like a true professional, paying attention to the indications on your screen, to that tiny square in the bottom left side of your screen where the teeth corresponding to the tools you will pick will pop up letting you know which ones of thoseawfully teeth you need to place your special dental tools on. Use the right one for removing cavities, the perfect one for brushing the too yellowish teeth and so on. If tooth problems games online are your addiction these days, if you love playing doctor, you will definitely get this game here listed among your top favorite ones so far!


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