Barbara at the Dentist

Are you ready to get dashing Barbara's look from lovely to... fabulous? She has the jaw-dropping looks, she sure has the charm, too, but oh no: Barbara's teeth look awful! Help her upgrade her super model look with some... flawlessly looking, simply perfect teeth, turning yourself into her personal dentist! Use those special dental mirrors, those burs, drills, excavators and all kinds of other dental tools put at your disposal for getting her teeth from looking terrible to looking... stunning! Remove the severely damaged ones, brush clean the yellowish ones, remove those nasty cavities and so on. Also, don't forget to switch the too ugly ones with brand new, perfectly looking teeth, going for the most appropriate tooth shapes and sizes. If you have a weakness for truly realistic dentist games, you will definitely appreciate this engaging dental care session that you're being challenged with, as a virtual dentist, in this game here!


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