My Little Pony Prom

Did you know that the prom ball is knocking at your favorite little ponies' doors? The cute horsies, too, are getting nervous around this time of year, when they need to figure out what to wear on their special night, how they could make themselves look even prettier, so that they can win the jury's attention and maybe even win the prom pony queen crowns, too! Would you like to respond to the challenge of pampering and styling up Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle for their prom? Start with the pony cutie that you like best and step into her bathroom, where you get to give her a head to hoof beauty shower. Remember to focus on her lovely mane, getting it styled up for the big event! Next, step into your pony friend's bedroom and help her get herself dressed up: go for a new lovely chic tail, for a multicolored or maybe a gorgeous,diaphanous chiffon skirt and new sparkly hooves, too, just perfect for the festive event! Then, feel free to work your beauty and fashion skills on all the other three pony sweeties, as well, as you enjoy one of the newest My Little Pony games online! Enjoy!

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