Muscular Rush

It seems that Cupid's busy casting his love spells in this gym here! This dashing young lady is determined to work-out a lot for staying fit and for keeping her crown s a true flirting queen as well! Would you like to help her out with her mission, that of challenging all those poor skinny boys at this gym work-out a little bit harder, for their own good, while they're trying to impress her and win her attention? Still, don't forget to hide her flirtatious side from her super strict coach, for he won't be happy to catch her flirting instead of doing her lifts and other types of exercises. You cannot neglect the fun factor added to this game, one of the most additive free skill games for girls that you have ever played, right? Click on her new “victim” and don't let go of your mouse button, making him fall deeply on love with her, then make sure to quickly click the young lady when her coach is about to spot her flirting instead of sticking to her working-out plan. Enjoy!


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