Fancy Bistro

It's of no surprise to anyone that this fancy bistro is the most popular bistro in town: it's so stylishly decorated, they serve the most delicious cakes there and the tastiest refreshments there and, moreover, the customer services are amazing! Still, since it's weekend now, this sweets paradise is crowded with clients, so this waiter would really need an assistant like you to help him attend to all of those customers. Play the fancy bistro management game and see that every lovely couple or single sweets loving customer is getting the right type of dessert and drinks.

The first customers have already started flooding into the bistro. Use your mouse to guide them to an empty table, then see what their dessert preferences are! The order will appear on the bottom of your screen, so make sure to take a really good look at it and pick the right cakes and juices. With another quick click on the rolling photos featuring drink cakes, near the counters in the back of the room, you get to select the right dessert for your clients and put together their order. I have to inform you, though, that this is a fast paced type ofonline management game that you're playing, therefore, don't linger too much once your customers have finished their desserts! You need to be quick to collect the money placed on the table and to take the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, too! There's' no time for day dreaming in thisrestaurant game, but you'll surely have the time of your life playing it! Couples who want to be romantic over a piece of cake or a tasty muffin or single customers, wanting to spoil their taste buds with some of the mouthwatering desserts they can have only in this fancy bistro, they all have to be attended to it in due time when you're playing the fancy bistro management game, so make sure you're quick enough to take their orders, bring their favorite desserts to their table in the blink of an eye and empty the tables for the next customers!

Enjoy playing the fancy bistro management game and testing your perspicacity and reaction times in the most popular bistro in town!

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