Princess Kiss1

These poor royal blooded fairytale teens have been struck by one of Cupid's love arrows and, even though their families have been fierce rivals since ever, their love is growing stronger and stronger every day. Would you like to bring your share to this nice, romantic love story and help them kiss whenever it's safe to? Then start playing theprincess kiss game!

Oh, just look at them: don't they just make like a superb couple? Too bad their love is a forbidden one! Still, with your precious help, they could still secretly deliver each other sweet kisses, so make sure those guards aren't passing by exactly the instant they're kissing or that our dashing princess' granny doesn't, show up at the palace window right when they're ready to have their romantic moment. Quick, whenever you detect the risk that they might being spied by any of the intruders there, whether they're just having a romantic conversation in front of the royal palace or they're having fun at a fancy, luxurious dancing ball, make sure they stop their kissing sessions. When you're 100% sure that their secret love's safe from any noisy eyes, then give them a click so that they can give each other sweet kisses. Love is in the air, that's for sure, and you are there to spread it!

Be these two royal blooded lovebirds' one and only friend and confident and make sure their love grows stronger and stronger with every level that you get to pass playing the princess kiss game!

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