Mothers Day Card

Do you know what makes the perfect surprise for your mum on Mother's Day? A special present designed and decorated by you with your own two skillful little hands! How about a lovely cute, super customized card? Don't start drawing and writing your cute little message for your mommy until you play the Mother's Day card decoration game and until you've “stolen” all the amazing decoration ideas you have here!

So, let's start with the basic, for not even the smallest detail shouldn't be neglected, while playing thisI love my mummy game, if you really want to leave your mum speechless the moment you give her her surprise card! Pick a really nice border to frame your card with, then go on and pick the most beautiful message for your mom. A tiny “World's Best Mum” text or a “Happy Mother's Day!” greeting, right on the center of the card, is sure to delight her to tears. Next, beautify your Mother's Day card with some pretty little drawings such as rosy pink flowers or a nice looking giraffe or maybe a cute little girl drawn on the card, which will instantly liven it up. Now make sure you've nicely decorated your present with a gift ribbon, too, the more colorfast and the shinier, the better, and also mind you don't forget to pick the loveliest color or pattern for the card, itself, too. Lovely! Complete your surprise and continue the mother's day card decoration game with the selection of the loveliest background to set the card against to, and of the most beautiful present number 2: it could be either a loveable teddy bear or a box of chocolate bonbons or maybe a gorgeous red rose, it's your choice. Click “Done” and witness the tiny red hearts fireworks on your screen. Just imagine the huge smile upon your mommy's face!

Collect as many card decoration tips and tricks as possible, while playing the Mother's Day card decoration game, then think about preparing her a yummy surprise dish, too, why not, working your skills as a chef, first, while playing some of our bestcooking games, too!

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