A Million Babies

They are so super adorable and you feel like you're gifted with some super nanny skills, so why not running a baby care place then? Put your babysitting skills to a super fun test playing thea million babies management game!

Basically, what do you have to do to make sure your business will be a very flourishing one and of course, that the babies under your care are the happiest ones in the world is to pay attention to their needs. That's the secret behind a million babies management game. There's a new comer at the “IN” door, make sure you don't make the little cutie wait too long, take him under your arms using your mouse to drag him and then carefully take the toddler in his tiny bed. What, did you really think he would sleep like an angle till the end of the game? No sir, this baby will instantly burst into tears so, just take a look at the bubble appearing near his tiny head, informing you that he's hungry, that he needs a bath or of other urgent need he might have. Continue this fun online girl game with the second baby brought by his mom to your baby care place, but not until you've taken the first baby you made happy, to the” OUT” door. Let's admit it girls, this super babysitting game is the best chance for you to play the young nanny and have a great time online.

The first impression is of a really major importance, even when you're dealing with tiddlers. Make sure you put together a cute-chic nanny look, playing thestylish baby sitter management game!

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