Minions Slacking

Look at this adorable little minion! He sure looks so studios there, in the lecture hall, his nose in his book... He's studying really hard for his finals, you know, for Gru will be testing all the minions, checking whether they will have learned all the evil tricks they need to know for becoming some... true little villains! Still, now and then our cute little fellow here gets bored with his book and feels like slacking. He'd just love to have loads of fun throwing pieces of paper at the other sweet minions whenever they aren't looking, to sip on his favorite fruity juice, to draw Scarlet's portrait and then to make several copies of it, behind her back. You'll see: this might just be one of the catchiest slacking games online! Speaking of Scarlet Overkill, she'll be there, in the lecture hall, supervising on all the minions as they're studying for their exams. Make sure to help your cute minion friend take a break from his slacking session whenever you spot the warning sign popping up on your screen, letting you know that Scarlet's about to show up!

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