Be My Valentine

This teen has planed his Valentine's Day huge surprise for his sweetheart in every little detail. There's going to be a romantic walk in the park, a romantic chariot ride on the lovely sunny day, even a romantic candle light dinner at that stylish restaurant she loves so much. But will he have the chance to sweeten up their special day without getting interrupted by all sorts of intruders? He will, if you decide to give them a helping hand playing the be my Valentine kissing game!

Once you've started this fun kissing game, you'll instantly find yourself in the fancy, luxurious restaurant the lovely couple are having their romantic dinner in! With all those waiters passing by, it seems almost impossible for the two lovebirds to kiss. Whenever there's no intruder walking through the room, be quick to give the couple a click and help them kiss! Oh, isn't that sweet! Love is definitely in the air and it will remain in the air during their nice walk in the blossomed park, too. Even as we speak, they're whispering sweet words to one another, sitting on a bench, but oh no, even here they cannot have a single moment of privacy. There are kids playing in the park and workers disturbing their romantic moments. It's time for you to play Cupid again, while you're enjoying the be my Valentine kissing game, and to seize every single moment when no one one is passing by to give them a click and bring them closer for some sweet Valentine kisses.

Be the angel of love that these two teens need right now and, while you're playing the be my Valentine kissing game, see that their long time planned special day is as romantic as they're dreamed it would be!

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