Minion Love Kiss

They might be working for evil Gru, they might be encouraged to become as malefic, as devilish as their master, but even so, these three goofy cute little minions, Dave, Stuart and Tim, could only make us smile. Especially now when one of them is madly in love (Stuart, I mean) and his buddies would do everything to make him feel so embarrassed because of it. Oh, I forgot to mention: goofy Stuart has a crush for a hydrant. That's right, he'd seize every instant when the other minions wouldn't spy on him to kiss his... hydrant sweetheart. How about giving the poor little thing a helping hand for kissing his... unusual girlfriend? It definitely looks as if Cupid has played his tricks on this poor little greenish minion here! If you often play minion games you won't be able to deny that this is by far the funniest one of them all! Make sure that whenever the exclamation marks pop up above the other intruding minions, that you should put an end to Stuart's and his hydrant sweetheart’s kissing session! You wouldn't want his friends to find out about his secret love now would you!

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