Mini Pancakes

Would you like to get your taste buds spoiled with a yum, yum, easy and therefore quick to cook type of dessert? How about some mini pancakes then? Prove what a quick learner you are when it comes to putting together incredibly delicious desserts and carry out your first task as a pastry cook:” slicing those vitamins-loaded, tasty fresh fruits. Start with the strawberries, continue with the kiwi and make sure to use the indicated kitchen tools for each one of them. Next, complete your pancake batter cooking task. Mix all the right ingredients, such as flour, brown sugar and cinnamon powder and once you have your yummy batter, get ready for cooking your mouth-watering mini pancakes. Just keep a close eye on the on-screen pointing finger and it will all come naturally to you, getting right away to the pancakes assembling and the serving part! Enjoy what seems to be one of those fun cooking games online that reveals to you all the tips you need to know for preparing one of the most popular treats in the world!


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