Mimi's Adventures

You don't just become cute Mimi's friend, you know, you “earn” her friendship by... proving your difference spotting skills. That's right, if you want to join adorable Mimi on some of her fun-filled daily activities, just get the Mimi's adventures difference game started and prove you're worthy to be her new BFF.

If there's something that Mimi loves the most, then it must be stepping into the shoes of a DJ! She sure loves to mix her favorite music and she sure loves to see everyone at the parky stand up and on the dance floor the moment she starts showing off her skills as a DJ. While she's having fun at her deck, how about you having fun spotting even the tiniest differences hidden there, on the screen. Make sure you find them all, for it's only then that you get to the chance to turn over the page of this comic book and join Mimi on her other fun-filled little adventures. Is this like the cutest, most engaging skills game from all the spot the difference games that you might have tried before or what? Since super parties can get quite demanding and a little bit tiresome even for energetic Mimi, a yummy, quick nutritious dinner is what she and her puppy friend need for refilling their batteries. While they're in their lovely decorate living room, don't forget to use your detective skills, once again, while you're enjoying the Mimi's adventures difference game, and scan the furniture, the book, and other decoration objects, even the two best friends' face expressions and clothing and highlight the all the differences between the two images. Fun outings in the amusement park, fun presents opening sessions, fun picnics and other type of activities await for you in the Mimin's adventures difference game.

Just prove your difference spotting skills and you'll earn your right to be Mimi's closest friend, the one she'll share all the excitement of her daily activities with!

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