Milk and Cookies

They no doubt make THE ultimate treat whenever you feel like rewarding yourself with something easy to put together and nonetheless delicious, too, right? Now, how about learning all about the most eye-tempting ways of mixing them, for the best desserts are the perfect combination of great taste and delightful look, right? Feel free to scan through all the yum, yum biscuits here, some of them chocolate flavored, others oat of coconut filled or with tasty pieces of fruits, then go on and dig through all the mouth-watering cookies, through all the finger-licking good pastry specialties, then carefully select the right type of glass for the milk, as well, the one that best pairs with the irresistible cookies display. Keep selecting, re-selecting, mixing and matching all these tasty looking treats by color, by flavor, by texture, while playing one of the most engaging food decoration games online, till you've come up with the winning idea of mixing... milk and cookies!

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