Mermaid Princess Tea Party

This pretty little mermaid princess's about to host her very first tea party! Since, well, she's not exactly one of the neatest mermaid cuties living on the bottom of the ocean and since her room is ... awfully messy right now, she really needs you to help her clean it up and then to give it a so very charming, chic and welcoming décor. So, would you accept the challenge? Then go ahead and start collecting all the garbage scattered throughout her ocean rock-made little house (such as pieces of paper, food leftovers, etc.), then go ahead and pick up all her lovely mermaid clothes and put them back into her clothes trunk, her sparkly jewels, as well, wipe off those nasty stains and doodle, too, and keep up the good work till your little mermaid friend's room looks... spotless clean and so very tidy!Next, enjoy a fun “spot the falling decorative objects” type of game, which will allow you to gather as many items that you could beautify this mermaid princess’s room with. Don't forget to help her put together a lovely chic tea party table setting, as well!

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