Mama's Ice Cream

Isn't this sweet? This lovely girl is planning to give her granny the surprise of her life: she will be in charge of her ice cream van and therefore of her little business, too, while her grandmother’s away for a couple of days, earning as much money as she needs for giving her old, shabby looking truck a major makeover! Would you like to help? Then go through the fun tutorial first, learning all about attending to your future customers, all about taking their orders and preparing the exact type of ice cream treats that they ask for. You'll see, even from the quick “training” you'll be given that this is by far one of the most challenging, most engaging free management games that you've ever enjoyed! From the selection of the right type of glass, to that of the perfect yummy, yummy ice cream flavor, delicious creamy topping and mouth-watering frosting, to the tasty fruity on top you need to pay great attention to all the details which will get you your clients' money and appreciation. Learn to master handle all those ice cream making machines you have there and coin by coin you'll earn enough money to upgrade granny's old ice cream van! Enjoy!


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