Make-up Memo

OK, so your make-up skills might be simply jaw-dropping, but how impressing are your memory skills? You will definitely adore responding to this card matching challenge here, especially since all those tiny cards to match feature different make-up products, ranging from lipsticks, mascaras, pressed powders and so on. Don't linger on too much thinking that you, too, might have to enrich your make-up case with some of those “goodies”, don't waist too much time admiring those beauty tools, for you may run the risk of... running out of time! Flip over those images and try to remember the type of make-up product hidden behind each one of them. Wouldn't you agree that this sure is one of the very best match memory games that you've recently enjoyed? Pair those mascaras two by two, do the same with the identically looking foundation creams, too, and keep matching the on-screen cards till there's no one of them remaining on your screen and you get to unlock the next level.

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