Lili's Maze

Oh, no, poor Lili! She's all alone there, in the woods, lost from her dear old friends and where do you add that it seems that she's just accidentally ventured herself into a super intricate maze. Would you help her find her way out and join her friends before the sun sets? Play the Lili's maze skills game and put your mind to work for rescuing your cute little friend!

Your mind will be challenged all throughout 11 levels, you know, so expect to be Lili's teammate on her quite long and super trilling adventure the moment you hit the “Play” button! The controls are plain simple, unlike in other online maze games that you might have played before: you just move your mouse and Lili will move there, on the screen, accordingly. Don't rush in, don't be too quick to get her moving, wait for a few seconds and try to mentally sketch the good route, the one who'll lead her out of the maze, where her closest friends are expecting her. You should expect the maze to grow more and more difficult to solve, in in the first level you have a pretty easy tree branches made maze, in the second one you'll guide Lili through a clover made maze and so on...

If online maze games are one of your major addiction, but if you usually love to go for the trickiest, most challenging ones, you've definitely picked the right skills game! Enjoy it and put your brains to work helping Lili escape the maze in each and every one of the game's 11 levels!

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