Lili's Hidden Numbers

Do you have the right skills to be cute Lili's new best friend? You have to earn her friendship, you know, and since she's always been crazy about challenging, fun hidden numbers games, she's ready to test your perspicacity and detective skills in a minute! Get the Lili's hidden numbers game started and impress your new lovely friend spotting down all those letters in no time!It makes such a lovely day for a fun walk in the forest and for... a fun-filled hidden numbers spotting fun!

Don't let yourself too absorbed by the forest's beauty, but all those forest animals' cute little faces, for they, too, are Lili's accomplices and they won't reveal to you the places where the letters have been hidden. Scan all the trees, the grass, too, for you never know when a precious number pops up in front of your magnifying glass. Don't you find online hidden numbers games perfect for having fun online and challenge your perspicacity with? So, are you in, ready to prove your skills as a young Sherlock Holmes and complete this engaging mission that adorable Lili's challenging you with?

Play the Lili's hidden numbers game and leave Lilis mouth-opened spotting down all those letters in the blink of an eye!

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