Ice Cream Delight

Is there a “tastier” way of soaking up the sun this season and coping with the summer heat that by... spoiling our taste buds with some refreshing, tantalizing ice creams? I didn't think so! Now just imagine that you're working at the most popular ice cream delight stand, right in the most crowded park in the city, and that you need to attend to lots and lots of customers eager to treat themselves with some reinvigorating icy desserts on these hot days of summer. Do you think you could do a great job behind the counter enjoying probably one of the most fast-paced free food serving games online?

Oh, I think I've forgot to mention that not only that you'll be serving your clients some of the tastiest ice cream delishes that they have ever tasted, but you'll be cooking these treats, too! So, get ready to prepare the very first type of ice cream, coming in the indicated flavor! Expect to be challenged to come up with a different flavor for each one of the game's levels, ranging from kiwi to strawberries, from chocolate to raspberries! You'll see: this is probably one of the most addicting free food serving games that you've ever enjoyed! Once the first customer pops up in front of your counter, you should know that the ice cream mania begins! In the first level, you'll just do your warm-ups, so you'll have just one type of ice cream flavor and one type of ice cream cone available, your only job being to use the onscreen spoon for pouring some into the cone and to hand the finger-licking good treat to your customer! Your job get tougher as you advance in the game, for then you'll need to be really attentive to your customer's favorite ice cream flavor (by scanning the wish bubble above his/her head) and to what kind of cornet design he/she'd like you to pour the yummy delish in. As an ice cream cooking games fan you'll easily grow addicted to this one here! Keep preparing ice cream in new and new flavors putting together the ingredients showing up on your counter, in the indicated sequence, then be ready to attend to all those customers eager to try these feasts for their senses when temperatures start to rise this summer!

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