Kissing In The Rain

Now, aren't they so super cute? Cupid has hit them with one of his “trouble making” love arrows and has made these two fall deeply in love with each other, too bad he hasn't cast another spell on them, too, so that each time an intruder is interrupting their romantic kissing sessions they should instantly become invisible! Luckily, they have you, their real tooth fairy who makes sure that they're love remains secret and unrevealed to all those nosy, curious eyes surrounding them. Have fun playing your fairy role in the kissing in the rain game!

So what if dark, Grey clouds have conquered the skies and heavy rain is pouring down the city? An umbrella for two is all that these two lovebirds need for an undisturbed, sweet kissing session! Now, what about all those people walking by or prompting at their houses windows or about those curious animals in the park? Well, it's time for your to intervene, while playing the kissing in the rain game, and see that they cease their kissing sessions until the “danger” has passed. That agent there looks too curious to me and that lady spying on them from behind her window, not to mention that bear there, climbed in that tree who can't wait to startle them and ruin their romantic moments. Use your fairy superpowers while playing the kissing in the rain game, and, as if by magic, with a simple, quick click, stop their kissing session for a few seconds, then bring them back together again till the next intruder shows up! Isn't it fun? The rain is pouring down our two cute lovebirds here throughout the levels, but with your help, they'll see it as a bright, sunny day, one of their happiest ones!

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