Kiss in the Library

Oh, isn't this sweet! These two teen lovebirds have been hit by one of cute Cupid's love arrows right in the library, as they were studying for one of their major exams! Now the challenge that they need to face is that of giving each other sweet kisses without getting caught by the old nosy librarian there, spying on them. It's not allowed to kiss in the library and the cute teens sure know that, but still, they're counting on you to help them express their love for one another without getting spotted and... banned from the library for a few months! Whenever the librarian isn't looking, for he's too focused looking for certain books on the upper shelves, be quick to click on the sweet couple and bring the two together in a sweet kiss! Pay great attention and don't leave their “intruder” out of your sight, as you enjoy one of the most addictive online kissing games, for he's really cunning, you know, and in no time he could suddenly take his eyes off the books on the shelves and turn around, spotting the two teens as they enjoy their kissing session. Enjoy!


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