Job Slacking

It's Friday afternoon, the weekend is just around the corner, and the last hours at the office, till 5 o'clock, seem to pass sooooo sooo slowly for Sarah here! She could either count the minutes till the end of the work schedule or she could occupy her mind with all kinds of other fun activities to do while at work so that the time should pass more quickly! Will you help her slack and neglect all those tasks that she should carry out today behind her strict boss's back and have some fun at work? She could spend her time left till weekend is officially here by making herself a nice cup of tea,playing a tricky tetris game, change her hairstyle for a lovely chic braided one, throw pieces of paper at the waster paper bin, make chewing gum balloons and the list could surely go on and on. Will you help her engage in all these fun-filled activities whenever her boss isn't watching her?

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