Jewelry Memo

Do you really think you could stay focused and work your memory skills while looking, really closely at all these... bling, bling, dazzling, hypnotizing jewels? I'm talking here about superb pearl earrings, about glittery golden heart-shaped pendants, about exquisitely adorned, preciously looking hand mirrors, sparkly gold-and-diamond princess tiaras and the list could definitely go on and on. All these resplendent accessories will roll before your eyes as you keep turning over the tiny round shaped cards you have there. Don't let them hypnotize you and steal your attention, stay focused and do your best to pair the identical ones two by two. Was that a pretty little tiara that the top corner card was hiding? There you have its twin: you've just put together your first pair of identically looking jewels! You might have already played lots and lots of fun memory games online, but how many of them really dazzled you away with such a breathtaking jewelry collection to... challenge your memory with? There you have the gorgeous pearl rings, you'd better start looking for their twins clicking on the on-screen cards till you track them down. Enjoy!


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