Ice Cream Slacking

Could you think of a cooler part-time summer job than that of working in an... ice cream van? Sarah sure is lucky, especially since she's a big, big ice cream fan! Still, don't think that all she has to do, while at work, is feast herself on those yummy, yummy ice cream treats, for there's always at least one little kid in front of her van, willing to buy some ice cream. So, what does naughty Sarah do when she has so many customers to attend to and she feels like slacking? She calls you for help! Help the sweet little ice cream addict have some fun on her own when no one’s looking by putting together an adorable ice cream snowmen, eating as much ice cream as she can, driving her little ice cream van on the nearby streets, when her boss is not around, pulling off some eye-tempting ice cream decors of her own and so on. You'll see: this will become one of your top favorite summer special online slacking games! Each time you spot the warning red exclamation mark popping up on your screen you should now that it's time you closed that secret screen and... helped Sarah attend to a little kid popping up near her ice cream van, craving for some delicious ice cream!


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