Ice Cream Mania

Are you, too, an... ice cream “maniac”? Well, no wonder, since it sure makes one of the most popular, yummiest desserts in the world! Now what would you say about seizing the chance of learning all the hidden cooking tips and tricks behind an ice cream cake recipe? You don't believe how easy it is! First things first: make sure to select and mix together all the ingredients prepared for you on the kitchen counter there, in the indicated sequence, of course. The first one to be dropped into the empty bowl there is the butter, then comes the flour, salt, the eggs... If you play free ice cream cooking games as often as you get the chance, you will no doubt find this cooking show here so filled with all kinds of precious cooking secrets! Once you've put together your cake dough mix, using the electric blender put at your disposal, don't forget to put it into the oven for a coupler of minutes, then to slowly slice it and... get it filled with loads of yummy, refreshing ice cream, of course!

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